About Down4Lunch

- What’s in this for me?

Professional networking is not just about making “connections” online. Only by meeting people in person can you hope to build lasting, meaningful relationships with other professionals that may lead to career and business opportunities. Your professional network is your best insurance policy against unexpected unemployment. It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people, but the payoffs of doing so can be significant.

- How does this work?

Tell us a little about yourself, profession, and interests. Then, answer the same questions about who you would most like to meet. Next, schedule one or multiple meetings according to your availability or accept an invitation to a meeting created by a matching professional. We don’t match you or choose for you where you will meet. You have full control over whom, when, and where you meet. After your meeting, rate the person you met and the restaurant you met at so that we may share with other users news of your positive experience. This information helps other users decide whom to meet.

- How much does this cost?

Setting up your profile and search preferences and scheduling meetings or joining someone else’s meeting is totally free. You only pay for your lunch.

- Can anyone join Down4Lunch?

Absolutely! We’re not elitist. We don’t have tests, admission criteria, or secret handshakes. We don’t pre-screen participants. We let users decide for themselves who to meet.

- How come I joined, but I cannot schedule or accept any lunches?

We don’t want people to join, not find anyone to have lunch with, and then never return to Down4Lunch. So, only once a large enough number of participants in your area have signed up, will you be able to start scheduling and accepting lunches. Believe us — It’ll be worth the wait.

- I think this service is great. How can I help to support it?

We’re glad you agree that Down4Lunch is useful, and we really appreciate the offer to help. You can help us by using our service a lot and telling everyone you know and meet about it.

- I want to take a break from Down4Lunch. How do I cancel my account?

If you don't schedule a lunch, you are invisible to other users. So, if you want to take a break from networking on Down4Lunch, simply stop scheduling lunches for a while. There is no need to cancel your account. We can't reactivate it later. You would have to create your account from scratch. If you still want to deactivate your account for any reason, let us know by e-mailing Support (at) Down4Lunch (dot) com.

About Lunches

- Where do lunches or other meetings set up on Down4Lunch take place?

When creating a lunch, you have full control over where you meet. We don’t decide for you. When accepting a lunch, you agree to meet where the person who created the lunch chose to meet. Or you and your lunch partner can mutually decide to meet somewhere else, but tell us of the change when you return to Down4Lunch.com to review your lunch.

- Who pays for lunch?

Unless you bought your lunch in advance when scheduling it online, you pay at the restaurant, splitting costs fairly with your lunch partner.

- How do I take advantage of a promotion or coupon offered by the restaurant when I created my lunch?

When you create or accept a lunch, your lunch confirmation e-mail will contain details about any available promotion. You should bring a printed copy of this confirmation with you to the restaurant to claim your discount.

- What should I say at lunch?

You should conduct yourself professionally. Treat the lunch as an opportunity to get to know the person you are meeting. Don’t be pushy. Be sure to listen and let the other person talk, too. Tell the other person a little about yourself and your professional background, and try to identify mutual interests and ways in which you might help the other person, and offer to do so.

- How do I change the details of a lunch?

If your lunch has not yet been joined by another member -- meaning, it's still green on your calendar, then you cannot change its date, time, or location. Instead, cancel the lunch and create a new one with the new details. If your lunch has already been accepted -- meaning, it appears in red on your calendar, then you can change the details of the lunch by contacting the person who joined the lunch. In the lunch confirmation e-mail that you received when the person joined your lunch, you will see that person's contact information. Contact the person directly to change the details of the lunch.

- Why do you want me to complete a Lunch Review?

After your lunch, please log onto Down4Lunch to review your lunch. To complete any outstanding lunch reviews, click on the orange banner that will display above your personalized lunch calendar. You can review a lunch up to 14 days after it occurred. After that, you can no longer review the lunch. Lunch reviews are very important because your feedback helps other users decide where and with whom to have lunch. By taking a minute to complete a lunch review, all Down4Lunch members help each other make the most of their networking time.

More About How Down4Lunch Works

- Why do you award points and what do I get for accumulating them?

We award points to recognize frequent participation on Down4Lunch and members who receive consistently positive reviews from lunch companions. Consequently, users with a lot of points are likely to be the most useful professional contacts to have and are worth pursuing for lunch meetings. At the moment, the only thing you get for your points are the possibility for more and better lunch matches and, not least, bragging rights.

- Can I lose points for certain actions like canceling a lunch or getting a negative review from someone?

If you cancel a lunch, we deduct the points you earned for creating it. Otherwise, we don’t penalize anyone on Down4Lunch. We want you only to have a positive experience here and to tell others.

- How do I cancel a lunch?

We understand that schedules can change, even last minute. But once you have accepted a lunch or someone has accepted a lunch you created, you can only cancel the lunch by directly contacting your lunch partner. Click on your Booked lunch on your calendar dashboard to display that person’s contact information. You can cancel an Open lunch by opening that lunch on your calendar and clicking “Cancel.”

- How can I browse all users on Down4Lunch.com?

We do not allow you to do this. You may only see users who match your search preferences and who have initiated a lunch.

- How do I reach someone at Down4Lunch?

For user support issues, send e-mail to support [at] Down4Lunch [dot] com. For investor or media, or all other inquiries, send e-mail to info [at] Down4Lunch [dot] com.

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