Privacy Policy (“Service”) and its owner Contrarian Holdings, LLC, strongly support online privacy and individual rights. We only collect data necessary to run the Service effectively. Any data you share through and store on the Service is treated as confidential. We don’t sell it or share it with anyone, unless required by law. Below are some specific questions we get and answers to them.

What information is collected about me?

We collect data you provide us at sign-up. We do not ask for any other personal identifying information. We may collect data from users about other users. We protect this data and the anonymity of users who provide it. We do not collect data without your knowledge.

How do you use collected information?

We monitor general patterns of Service usage so that we can make sure our architecture is optimized for speed and scalability. We may use information you share on the Service to provide you with targeted offers based on your perceived interests. We do not associate your name with such information. Data we may collect from users about other users we use to 1) award users points and 2) highlight only positive experiences other users have had with you.

What security measures do you use to protect my privacy?

Any purchase transactions you may make on the Service are sent over an SSL connection. Any information we have about you is stored with strong encryption.

Will my information be shared with others?

No. Your information will not be shared with anyone, except in cases where information may be subpoenaed by law.

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